Friday, July 16, 2010

Pillow talk

Why is it that so many of my most poignant (and funny) conversations with Josh happen at bedtime?

One night last week, I read a Little Bear book before tucking him into bed. At the end of the book, two skunks got married. When I closed the book, I asked Josh if skunks really get married. “No,” he said and laughed.

“But some animals do partner for life,” I said. “Like Canadian geese. They find a mate and stay with that one goose for their whole life."

“I would be your partner,” Josh said smiling.

“That would be nice,” I said. “But I already have a partner. Who’s my partner?”

He thought for a moment. “Daddy,” he said. “Why did you pick Daddy as your partner?”

I told him a few of the millions of reasons I love his dad and decided to make him my partner.

Josh was quiet for a moment, clearly taking mental notes about how I made my choice. Then with all the innocence of a five year old, he asked, “Who else did you try out first?”

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